“I can’t.”

                The words fell on the congregation like a hammer, and nobody could believe their ears. The hushed whispers turned the wedding procession, into a funeral procession as everyone stared at the bride in a new light. With her head bowed, Miyeon’s lower lip trembled and she couldn’t bring herself to look at anyone. Yunho gently grasped her hands tighter, and then withdrew one hand to tilt her chin up. “Miyeon…” His eyes searched hers with concern, and confusion.

                “Why are you confused?” She whispered, as tears threatened to spill. “Wedding vows that are made must be kept for the rest of your life, and it becomes a part of you. If I were to make this vow, wouldn’t I be living the rest of my life as a lie?” Resignation and bitterness filled the young man’s eyes, as his eyes darted to the side towards the crowd.

                “Is he here?” His lips barely moved, and Miyeon looked at him with confusion. Returning his gaze to her, there was a coldness that made her shiver, as he tightened his grip on her. “Is he here; the one that you wish were standing here, instead of me.” Before Miyeon could say anything, the doors to the main sanctuary burst open, and a group of boys dressed in a semi-formal wear came in. Changmin reached into his inner jacket pocket for something, but Yunho gave him a harsh warning, pushing Miyeon behind him. The tallest of the group of young men made his way to the altar; with every stride he took, his eyes never once left Miyeon’s face as he got closer.

                “T-taecyeon oppa,” Miyeon whispered, her face pale. He held out his hand to her, as he stood on the bottom step.

                “I’m not letting you go through with this,” Taecyeon said, his eyes glinting with a fierceness that made Miyeon’s heart pound out of her chest. Yunho smirked, and pushed Miyeon further away from the tall boy.

                “It’s not in your power to decide,” Yunho said, with a dangerous edge to his voice. “Don’t forget that you made a deal.” Miyeon’s eyes flashed between the two boys in surprise.

                “What deal?” She demanded, but Taecyeon ignored her.

                “The deal’s off. You never told me that it would involve Miyeon,” Taecyeon growled angrily at Yunho. Something clicked in Sunggyu’s head, and his eyes flashed over to the young man who was standing close to Changmin. Woohyun slowly walked around the back until he reached Kristine, and ever so carefully, he placed one hand on her waist and leaned in to gently whisper something to her. With another nod from the older boy, Jang Dongwoo got up from his place at the front and slowly pulled Jaesoon off stage, and Jinhwa was also escorted off stage by a tall young man. Meanwhile, Lee Gikwang who was sitting on the other side of the room was growing restless. The older boy that was sitting next to him gave him a sharp look.

                “Hold still Gikwang,” he said, sharply. “If we move now, Songe will get hurt; she’s too close to Miyeon and Yunho right now.”

                “Hyung you said I could get her out of there if this were to happen,” Gikwang growled softly. Yoon Doojoon didn’t reply, until Gikwang started to stand up. He pulled the younger boy back into his seat with a firm grip. Songe saw Gikwang’s sudden movement, and she looked around anxiously. Her eyes caught sight of Kim Myungsoo who was shifting in his seat restlessly.

                “Taecyeon get on with it,” one of the boys standing behind Taecyeon snapped in English. “Or I’ll end it for you.” Changmin let out a harsh laugh.

                “You’ll end it for him? Maybe it’s best for you to keep your mouth shut? Or have you not learned anything, considering how you were the one who forced Taecyeon to make that deal in the first place, Nichkhun?” Changmin sneered. Everything happened much too fast, as guns were pulled out from throughout the room. When Miyeon blinked, she saw Changmin and Nichkun pointing guns at each other; Taecyeon’s gun was pointed at Changmin, while Yunho had his own pointed at Taecyeon. The INFINITE boys and B2ST boys all had their guns out, as random members of the congregation also possessed guns. Panic racked throughout the room, as people started screaming and scrambling for exits.

                “Stop it!” Miyeon screamed. Silence fell once more, as there was a soft click that came from behind her and she gasped. An arm had reached over her shoulder, and her eyes stared at a Glock 21 that was pressed to the back of Yunho’s head. Yunho gave a soft laugh.

“So the third party has finally revealed himself,” Yunho said quietly. Miyeon looked up and around her, staring at Doojoon with wide eyes as he stood behind her, his other hand protectively placed on her shoulder. Gikwang was standing in front of Songe, his gun also drawn; how the two B2ST boys got on stage without anyone noticing, and that quickly, was beyond what anyone could imagine. Songe stifled a sob, as she grasped onto Gikwang’s arm with trembling hands. “No one has to get hurt,” Miyeon whispered. She tore her eyes away from the boys and looked at her friends, who were watching her with fear in their eyes. “No one has to die!”

                “You’re right,” Doojoon whispered softly, but his grip on her shoulder tightened and she winced in pain. Taecyeon’s eyes remained on her, and Yunho turned his body slightly so that everyone could see her. “No one has to die. But a decision still needs to be made, or this war will never end.” Confusion settled in Miyeon’s mind as everyone’s eyes became fixed on her once more. As she looked at Jaesoon, Kristine, Jinhwa, and Songe, it suddenly dawned on her and it felt as if someone had squeezed her heart and windpipe in a death grip.

                “No…” she whispered, as her eyes flew to the oldest of her friends. Hee Rin was standing next to Sunggyu, and the expression on her face said everything.

                She had to choose. Jung Yunho, Ok Taecyeon, Yoon Doojoon; they chose her to make a decision and choose one of them. She would be the one to make these last words.


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